Strategic Vision

At the most fundamental level, Capitol View Neighborhood Association (CVNA) exists to serve the residents of the neighborhood and lead the neighborhood toward a positive and productive future. The Association has been in existence since 2007, during which time, a variety of successful programs and events have been conducted.
In order to serve the Capitol View Community even more effectively, in the summer of 2016, the CVNA convened a group of community members who would propose a strategic plan designed to guide the efforts of the Association for the next several years. This initiative was taken as a result of various discussions at monthly association meetings in which members and residents expressed the desire to have more tangible steps to improve the neighborhood and address the needs of the community.

At the July, 2016 CVNA Monthly Meeting a group of community members volunteered to take on this task. This group, designated as the Strategic Vision Committee (SVC), was charged with working as a group and offering planning recommendations to the Association Body and the community. The SVC worked to identify areas of interest for the community and derive priorities for the Association. The SVC started with the existing CVNA Mission and Values as a foundation for their examination.

The following chart shows the result of this work from the SVC.  In early 2017 the Strategic Vision was approved as a guide for the CVNA for the next two years.  Community Action Teams (CATs) have been formed around the main categories of this vision.  We invite you to study the vision to find the area you are passionate about or have skills that you believe will help advance the vision.  A sign-up form is provided below to become part of these open teams or let leadership know you are willing to volunteer in other areas.

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