Get Involved!

CONNECT, COMMIT, IMPROVE. It’s simple, the best way to learn about and appreciate Capitol View is to get involved and really invest in our community. There’s plenty of ways you can meet your neighbors and possibly some new friends you’ll want to stay connected to for life. We have such a rich diversity of people, homes and interests right here in our own backyard, but you’ll never know about any of it if you don’t reach out and get involved.

Sign up to be a part of one of our Community Action Teams (CATs) or to volunteer in other specific ways.

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Other Great Ways to Get Invested in Capitol View!

  1. Attend more Capitol View Neighborhood Association meetings this year.
  2. Participate in a neighborhood safety walk.
  3. Be a part of a neighborhood cleanup.
  4. Use your professional skills to help people who can/will step up if you don’t have a lot of time. For example creating flyers, web design, proofreading, writing, editing, graphic design, connecting people, etc.
  5. Report crimes and code violations by calling 911 or filling out a code violation form online.
  6. Connect with your neighbors on your street and watch out for one another.
  7. Organize and participate in a fundraising at a neighborhood school.
  8. Serve on a PTA/PTO/Local School Council or neighborhood association committee.
  9. Start an organization that supports whatever you think needs support.
  10. Write letters to your representatives: Atlanta City Council, Atlanta Board of Education and/or Atlanta Public Schools, etc. praising work that has been done well and/or giving ideas about how to solve current problems.
  11. Organize or participate in a service day and paint, clean, organize at a local school or organization.
  12. Patronize local businesses and eateries.
  13. Tutor children after school.
  14. Join Hands on Atlanta – they do a lot of work at schools all over the city.
  15. Do coat drive next fall for the kids who walk to school in tiny windbreakers.
  16. Organize and help plant a garden at a school or at a local community garden.
  17. Host an event that brings two schools together to share successes.
  18. Write grants for your local school or neighborhood organization.
  19. Volunteer in a classroom or on field trips to help educators.
  20. Buy a Capitol View banner and wave it proudly from your porch!
  21. Be an advocate for CV—let your friends and colleagues know what a great place it is to live.