• Applications due by June 21st for Perkerson Elementary Spanish Immersion Program

    Perkerson Elementary is accepting applications for the English/Spanish Dual Immersion Language Program for the Kindergarten class for next year. Official information about this program can be found on the Atlanta Public Schools website at http://www.atlanta.k12.ga.us//Domain/7412

    What is dual language immersion?
    Language immersion is an educational approach in which students are taught the curriculum content through the medium of a second language. In this way, immersion students not only learn the content, but also gain knowledge of the language in which it is taught.

    Students who are accepted into the program at Perkerson will enjoy the advantage of two teachers (English-speaking and Spanish-speaking). The English-speaking teacher uses half of the instruction day to teach English language arts (reading, writing, and spelling) as well as other subjects of the curriculum (science, social studies, math, etc.). The Spanish-speaking teacher uses the other half of the day to teach Spanish Literacy, Math, and portions of social studies, art, science topics from the grade-appropriate level. In class, the Spanish teacher speaks only in Spanish and communicates using a range of engaging strategies including pictures, songs, games, body language, expressions, drama, pantomime, etc. Children at this age are adept at picking up language in meaningful contexts. After a brief period at the beginning of the year, students too will speak only in Spanish during Spanish class.

    All curriculum, whether is in English or Spanish, is based on the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.

    For more about immersion programs outside of Georgia, see the links below:

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