• Neighborhood Cleanup around Perkerson Elementary School – August 4th

    The Sylvan Hills Neighborhood Association organized a cleanup from 8:30-10:30AM for the streets that surround Perkerson Elementary school so the surrounding area would look nice for August 6th, the first day of school. The first day of school is always a special one and the children should be welcomed back with a clean school grounds and surrounding area.  This year it is made even more so as the first day represents the first day of the kids from Capitol View Elementary joining the kids of Perkerson Elementary. The cleanup focused on Fleet Street, Perkerson Road, and Brewer Boulevard. It also included picking up a truckload of tires and running them to Liberty Tire.  A special thank you to Councilmember Joyce Sheperd for making arrangements for us to drop the tires off at Liberty Tire.


    Some Memorabilia found during the cleanup.

    Kenneth Johnson hauling a truckload of tires to Liberty Tire.

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