• Neighborhood Planning Unit-X Meeting Minutes (February 13, 2012)

    I.  Call to order

    Ruben Burney, Chair, called the NPU-X meeting to order at 7:05 pm in the Stewart-Lakewood library with a moment of silence.

    II.  Approval of minutes from last meeting

    Motion passed to approve minutes from the January 2012 meeting.

    III.  Chair’s Report

    Mr. Burney announced free tax preparation services available at the Sullivan Center for those making $49,000 or less per year.

    IV.  Treasurer’s report

    Ms. Read reported that the NPU’s account has a balance of $530.75 and that she delivered our donation of $100 to the Sullivan Center.

    V.  Presentations

    MARTA Citizen Police Academy—Lt. James Coats, from MARTA PD provided applications for the 18th citizens police academy beginning in March. Deadline is Friday, February 27th to submit an application.

    National Endowment for the Arts Grant Program—no representative present

    PCA Presentation 2012—Ms. Flora Tommie shared an update on Perkerson neighborhood projects. They are asking the other NAs on Metropolitan to adopt the parkway (a state route) for clean-up purposes (passed out packages). Also, in celebration of African-American History month, they would like to collect donations to further clean up and preserve the Gilbert Memorial Cemetery at I-75 and Cleveland Ave. PCA is seeking volunteers to clean-up the Roseland Cemetery near Fulton County health department, and to clean-up at the Gilbert House. She noted other successful clean-up projects throughout the neighborhood, as well. On April 7th PCA will host a block party at Perkerson Baptist Church.

    National Center for the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud—Phae Howard, Executive Director, shared information on how homeowners (or business owners) can protect themselves when dealing with contractors. The center fields many calls from people ripped off by contractors. Go to www.preventcontractorfraud.org or call 404-902-8999 to vet contractors before hiring them. Contact the center if interested in having a workshop in the community to educate residents. The center does not charge anything for its services. When dealing with contractors, Ms. Howard advised not to pay money up front and not to accept contractors who solicit business door-to-door or via telephone.

    VI.  Public Services

    Lt. Dodd, APD Zone 3 Night Watch Commander [mdodd@atlantaga.gov]. Residents posed questions and shared concerns for APD follow up:

    • Q: What was going on at Sylvan and Dill on Friday evening? A: No type of significant incident reported to him but asked for an email for him to research
    • A yellow tow truck has been seen dropping off stolen cars after midnight at 2512 Perkerson Rd. and the house with burgundy trim across from it (2501 Perkerson Rd.). Officers have been directed to drive by these locations in hopes of seeing and catching perpetrators.
    • Homeless people under the interstate overpasses have been panhandling in and around area businesses.
    • Roseland Cemetery needs attention because of the homeless campers, drug users and prostitutes hanging out there.
    • The senior building on Springdale Rd has experienced a number of car break-ins along with other incidents of crime along Springdale Rd.
    • Q: Will Major Cavender be hosting a mass public safety meeting? Need exists because of the lack of response from the Crimestoppers number. A: The major is planning a meeting.
    • Q: How do we address unprofessional behaviors and attitudes particularly when dealing with younger officers? A: Request to speak to the officer’s supervisor and call 911 to report the incident to a supervisor.
    • On Steve Drive in Hammond Park, trucks and cars are parked on the sidewalk in front of several collision centers.
    • Q: Any update on the McDaniel St assault incident? A: The CID investigative unit is handling that incident and would be the best ones to report on it.

    Officer Dupart and Officer Knight from APD’s COPS unit (ph. 404-546-5650) reported that Code Enforcement is now under APD so call 404-330-6190 to report problems. Lt. CJ Davis is over Code Enforcement. APD’s stolen car taskforce discourages drivers from leaving running car unattended and unlocked. Please use the Smart 911 system and go to www.smart911.com to register home and provide information that could be crucial in an emergency in your home. APD is still emphasizing the clean car campaign to help mitigate auto burglaries and the See Something Say Somethingcampaign to alert APD to suspicious activities. Also, the Crimestoppers phone number is 404-577-TIPS and allows anonymous reporting of information that could be helpful in a criminal investigation. Note: The reward fund for tips that lead to resolution of the McDaniel St. assault incident [Brandon White case] is now $15,000.

    • The COPS officers were asked to investigate activities at the Banks Ave package store at Banks Ave and Metro Pkwy. The store has had a problem with loitering on the site and store patrons drinking alcohol on the premises.

    Lt. Coats, MARTA police south precinct, cell 404-427-4744, again noted the prevalence of snatch thefts on trains; however, MPD recently identified and made arrests of the alleged perpetrators. MPD is addressing panhandling on the train with additional officers. Calling #MPD from a cell phone will reach MARTA police.

    No representative from the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department.

    Watershed Management: Tommy Reed—In the upcoming March 6thelection day, esidents are encouraged to support the continuation of the sales tax currently funding the sewer project per the consent decree. Also the Atlanta street car project is beginning and storm and sewer pipes will be relocated in the Edgewood area as a result. Water meters have been reviewed for accuracy and a report should be coming out in the next couple of weeks.

    • Mr. Reed was not familiar with the Perkerson Creek pollution issues.
    • Residents reported exorbitant water bills and haven’t seen anyone come out to check their meter. Call to protest bill.
    • At Baxter and Quaker, excessive leaves block the storm drain and cause road flooding.
    • Wanda Circle SW—poor road paving since recent sewer work.
    • Frank Brown, Watershed Management—East Point sewer line replacement from Jefferson Ave along creek down to Macon Drive. Tunneling has begun at Macon Drive so drivers need to slow down and be cautious. Also, areas on Cleveland with on-going construction are dangerous so keep children away. Construction will continue for the next 24-months. 7000 feet of sewer line must be replaced. Contact Mr. William Horton at 404-546-3203 with any problems.

    Department of Public Works (includes Solid Waste Services)—Santana Wright, ph.404-330-6333 or publicworks@atlantaga.gov. Shared handouts about the Adopt-a-Spot litter reduction program to encourage volunteers to identify and clean up public areas. The deadline is 2/15/2012 to apply for Atlanta neighborhood fund and Hands On Atlanta grants for neighborhood beautification projects. Per a question from our last meeting, Public Works will not pick up electronics, paint, or Styrofoam. These items can be taken to the Keep Atlanta Beautiful recycling center on the 2ndSaturday of every month on Irwin St. The center charges a fee to recycle televisions. Residents reported the following neighborhood issues:

    • Trees growing out of curb along 7th St, Third Ave, 6th St, Forest Hills Drive and Grand Ave in Hammond Park.
    • Sanitation crew leaves trashcans blocking driveways or in the middle of the street and trash residue left on street after emptying the receptacles.
    • Graffiti on the brick wall on University Ave should be reported to Public Works but not sure what options are available for the community to remediate the problem.

    Code compliance—addressed by the COPS officers.

    VII.  Elected Official’s Report

    Rozalynne Echols from Councilmember Sheperd’s office handles constituent services. Ms. Sheperd would like to plan a public safety specific town hall meeting. Also, she would like residents to receive ACERT training to deal with emergency situations but a minimum of 25 people must sign up to get a course. Neighborhood watch training on March 10th at 9 am-1 pm but the deadline is March 2nd to sign-up. Every Friday Ms. Sheperd sends out weekly notices with upcoming events and employment announcements.

    • Businesses along Metro Pkwy near Kroger want to know when the sidewalks will be repaired.

    Keisha Waites was elected in a special election and sworn in as representative for state house district 60 replacing Gloria Tinubu who resigned from office.

    VIII.  Committees

    Lakewood Oversight Committee meets 2/14/2012 at 6 pm at the Rosel Fann Center.

    IX.  Zoning Review Board

    V-11-175 was voted on at our last meeting and denied. The owner will present his application to the Hammond Park neighborhood association since he had not done so before the NPU meeting.

    U-12-003—Ms. Bianca Smith of Mortuary Artists is requesting a special use permit applicant to open a mortuary at 2891 Lakewood Ave (former Wachovia building). Application will be forwarded to Sylvan Hills for discussion and vote. Vote deferred. Ms. Smith agreed to provide additional information for the neighborhood association’s vote before the next NPU meeting.

    X.  License Review Board

    Metro Food—No representative present for the third time. Motion: Deny the applicant (vote: for–10; against—0; absentions–0)

    Joseph & Esther, Inc., owner of Esther Food Mart at 902 Dill Ave., SW requests change of ownership for beer and wine sales license. Full time guard on premises. Owners have been before Capitol View N.A. and the public safety committee. Both denied supporting the application. Motion: Deny the applicant. (vote: for–8; against–0; absentions—5) Motion passed.

    XI.  New business

    Neighborhood grant–Chase Randall reported that the NPU has received a grant of $3,500 to be used to promote public safety and develop a neighborhood business directory. Emmanuel Tabernacle Church has agreed to host the public safety event. The updated budget will be sent to the city planners tomorrow. Saturday’s APAB meeting will provide additional information about the grant. Ruben will be present.

    Metroplex grand opening event on Saturday, February 18th at 7-11 pm.

    Pam Lee introduced the Hammond Park executive committee.

    Sada Walker introduced herself and announced that she has signed a lease with Larry Wilensky and would like to open a bar and lounge at 1995 Metropolitan Pkwy in the old bingo parlor in Crossroads Shopping Center. No clear timeframes for applying for an alcohol sales license or opening the lounge due to ongoing contractor issues.

    XII.  Adjournment

    Mr. Burney adjourned the meeting at 9:00 pm.

    Minutes submitted by:  Kenneth A. Johnson

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