• Public Hearings for Carver Small School Transition, April 26th & May 2nd

    The public hearings for transitioning the Carver schools from the small school model to the learning academies/cluster model will be held on April 26th and May 2nd at Carver High School.  Carver’s schools include the School of Arts; Early College, Health Sciences and Research, Technology. These schools are supposed to remain in the high school, but operate as academies with broader course offerings and better coordinated schedules.  See below for more information and links.

               “The high school transition involves changing the manner in which these schools are managed from one where individual principals are in charge of the small learning communities on a single campus to one in which a single principal is responsible for the entire campus with academy leaders managing the individual learning academies on the campuses.  This is the management model in place at the majority of APS high schools.
    The transition is intended to provide a more efficient management structure at these schools; promote the sharing of educational resources; and redirect savings to programs that enhance student achievement.  It is anticipated that this transition will be seamless for most students and parents.
    The management transition for these schools will be in place for the start of the 2012-13 school year.”  –from APS website http://www.atlantapublicschools.us/Page/28530

    “While APS is eliminating small schools, the disciplines (Arts, STEMS, Technology, Early College, etc.) will remain in the restructured school, operating as academies.  Although students will continue in their selected disciplines, they will have access to broader course offerings and will be allowed to take courses in other academies on campus.  In addition, each school restructured as an SLC will operate on a single schedule which will allow for better school building management.

    The SLC model is not only a win-win for the students, but for teachers and faculty because it allows for more collaborative opportunities among all teachers on campus, better coordination of class schedules and common planning times.  The restructuring also supports APS’ implementation of the K-12 school clusters and is anticipated to save the district $700,000.” —-from APS website http://www.atlantapublicschools.us/Page/28528

    Schedule Announcement from APS for Small School Transition

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