Did you know that it is illegal to operate dirt bikes and ATVs on city streets, in parks or along the Beltline?; Vehicles will be impounded and riders ticketed.
    The Atlanta Police Department has assigned a team of officers to identify and crack down on the reckless operation of unlicensed motorcycles and scooters, as well as dirt bikes and ATVs.  The young adults and teens operating these vehicles pose a serious danger, not only to themselves, but to children, pedestrians, cyclists, law abiding drivers and pets.  The noise level disturbs the peace of our neighborhood and has been known to wake sleeping babies.  Police also state that it is illegal to drive any vehicle in city parks since this destroys grass and landscaping and is a hazard to park visitors.  There is an ongoing effort to educate young riders, but police stress that the vehicles will be impounded, and the rider ticketed. If the offender is a minor, the parents/guardians will be fined as well.  Residents are strongly encouraged to report this illegal activity by calling 911. Identify the street and provide a description of the vehicle and the rider, including clothing and helmet.

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