• CVNA Meeting Minutes for May 2012

    CVNA Monthly meeting
    May 17th, 2012
    About 29 people present
    Meeting called to order at 7:11 pm
    Last month’s minutes accepted

    President’s Report (Darin)
    Moratorium extended on SUP (special use permit) for Murphy triangle. Pressure from us, Beltline, Joyce’s office and surrounding neighborhoods to make these positive changes. Have heard about problems decided best to move the area to light industrial went from I2 to I1. I2 had allowed companies like Pirkle to operate. I1 eliminates heavy industry (scrap yards) and allows some of the historic important industrial buildings to be converted. Any current scrap yards are grandfathered in. Not all businesses are bad in this area. Once zoning changed, they cannot expand and it becomes difficult to make changes to their properties. If you feel strongly about this, contact Joyce Shepard’s office or Atlanta Beltline Authority.

    There are mixed feelings about value of employment vs problems that this area causes, such as dumping issues due to lack of oversight and vacancy. There are good, legitimate businesses in this area who are also victimized. More information on Capitolview.org\murphy-triangle-rezoning

    New website- Thanks to Paul Benson! We are looking for good pictures of the neighborhood. Please submit to Paul Benson.

    Adair Park May 20th Ice Cream Social 661 Katherine St 2 to 5 pm.

    Beltline Bike shop fundraiser May 19th 5 to 9

    Vice President’s Report (Olivia)
    FoPP first clean up in the rain. Another clean up this Saturday May 19th.
    Meetings are first Tuesday of the month at Perkerson Park Rec Center at 7pm

    Treasurer’s Report (Tony)
    No change since last month
    $692.60 dedicated funds

    Secretary’s Report (Denise) none

    Sgt Crowder
    Zone 3, Crime Suppression
    (Crime stats left up front)
    Q:Beatie and Genessee is off the chain there is a particular house that is of concern. Too many people living in one house. Can you please stage at this house? A: Yes. We will look into it
    Q: Gentleman in an unmarked car asked my wife about Comcast cable. A neighbor looked at him and he drove off. Is that a 911 call? A: Yes. Make sure to get a good description of the driver and the car. Include the tag.
    Q: Noticing more of the streetwalkers late at night. Dill, between Allene and Sylvan, after midnight. A: We will look into it.
    Q: Some of the houses that are boarded up look like they have been broken into, but the officer said they can only look into 5 a day. A: We have officers that are dedicated to that who will placard the house. If they find someone in there they will arrest them. If you can get us a phone number we can contact the landlord. You can e-mail me and I can send someone over there.
    Q: Concern about kids belly boarding on their skateboards. A: Call us when it becomes a hazard.

    Rep Simone Bell
    District 58 State Rep

    Running July 31st against Rep Ralph Long after redistricting
    Dropped in to introduce herself

    Rep Ralph Long

    Supports Transportation SPLOST which helps fund MARTA and regional transportation

    Claire Farley
    Zone 3 Prosecutor

    Operation Heavy Metal- sting operation on people who steal cars and then sell them to recyclers for much less than value of the stolen vehicle. Made many arrests. DA Paul Howard wants to survey interest in streaming court cases. She will be e-mailing and bringing the survey.

    Education Committee (Paul)
    Last week PTA meeting for CVE kids and parents to go to Perkerson. New Principal planned for Perkerson, who will be announce by June 15. APS is keeping CVE building and it will be repurposed in a yet to be determined manner. Would like to see a pre-K program in there.

    NPU-X (Steve)
    CDP community development plan vote next month. Watch out for snatch and grab on MARTA. Don’t leave anything in your car. Smart911.com a website where you can have a list of children or pets in your home that will pop up when you call. Cops a new organization to help with problems dealing with the city of ATL bureaucracy 404.546.5650.

    Click here to download May CVNA Meeting Minutes

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