• CVNA Monthly Meeting Minutes for June 2012

    CVNA Monthly Meeting
    June 21st 2012
    Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm
    About 23 people in attendance
    Last month’s minutes accepted
    Motion to let APD go first passed

    Sgt Crowder
    Crime Supression Unit Zone 3

    Crime and arrest stats left at table
    Q: Would like to be able to attend court dates for crimes that affect our area. Can you please communicate the dates better? Q: What does quality of life mean? A: Urinating in public. Walking in the middle of the street. Some property crimes fall under there, such as squatting in vacant houses. Q: Do you ever make arrests for vacant dumping? A: You need to call right away so you can catch them and get a tag number. Q: There are two places on University that are particular hot spots for automotive dumping by a particular company. A: Will look into it. If you see it, try to document it with a picture you can give to a policeman.
    Please feel free to e-mail him with any neighborhood issues you have.

    President’s Report (Darin)
    Murphy Triangle Rezoning vote July 9th at NPU-X. Moratorium is ending on I2. Darin encourages our support for moving from I2 to I1. Existing I-2 will be grandfathered in, but historically modifying these old buildings for lofts and such will be allowed. See Capitol View website for an overview on this process. City Council vote at end of July.

    Vice President’s Report (Olivia)
    FoPP Meeting MOVED July 12th 7 pm. Thursday at Perkerson Park Rec Center

    Secretary’s Report (Denise)

    Treasurer’s Report (Tony)
    revenue $105.00
    balance $2413.88
    dedicated $692.60
    undedicated $1721.28

    NPU-X representative (Steve)
    Meeting about Ft McPhereson development, Saturday 10am at 2755 Cambelton Rd. He will send out e-mail with details.

    Education Committee (Paul)
    Meeting for input on repurposing of CVE by Atlanta Public Schools, first priority given to charter shcools, but none wanted to move in. Atalnta Technical and Metropolitan Colleges have shown interest. They gave presentations on their visions and it was decided that Atlanta Metropolitan had a vision more engaged with the community. Next meeting July 28th at CVE at 7 pm with both schools, then NPU-X will vote. Both want to move in immediately. Q: Did they mention youth programs or mentoring? A: Yes they did. Encourage you to come to next meeting. They are now a four year school and are expanding their programs.Q: What about specifically for at-risk youth? A: That’s a no-brainer-We should try to link them with Perkerson Elementary and make this happen. New principal at Perkerson is Sean Bender. Paul is very positive about him. Want community to meet him and a community event in the park this July “Popsicles in the Park”

    Darin is stepping down and we need a new CVNA President
    Olivia and Paul stepped forward and offered to serve as President.
    13 votes for Paul for president

    CVSA (Tommy with Sgt Cerul)
    Tommy has taken over presidency from Charles. New officer, Sgt Cerul, and new approach. Have reevaluated number of hours needed to cover the neighborhoods. First focus is CV and CVM until can build up the membership. Right now have President and Treasurer,  Tony Thaxton and are looking for additional officers to volunteer. Benefits of membership are increased police coverage, officers will have car identified with magnet. www.capitolviewsecurityalliance.com. Membership is about 16 right now. Dues are $20/month or $56 per quarter.

    Rep. Ralph Long
    Town Hall July 12th 7pm at Atlanta Metrolpolitan College
    Giving community awards, please come show your support

    Click here to download June CVNA Meeting Minutes

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