• Castleberry Hills Art Stroll, June 8th

    Check out what is going on at the Castleberry Hills Art Stroll. http://castleberryhill.org/files/2009/03/CHNAmap5.12F-MAY-MAP.pdf

    Castleberry Hill has its monthly Art Stroll every 2nd Friday of the month.  Many consider Castleberry Hills to be the historic arts district of the city and its arts walk is rated #1 by Creative Loafing Best Art Stroll in Atlanta!  There are a lot of interesting  and diverse galleries as well as neighborhood businesses and restaurants in the district that are worth exploring if you can find the time get over there.

    For instance this Friday, June 8th, there will be an Iron Pour with The Dead Enders playing LIVE Elliott Street Deli and Pub. The Dead Enders start at 9pm. Julia Hill, Patrick Toups, Matt Sigmon and Duncan Shira will be melting and pouring iron down at Elliott Street Deli and Pub, which will begin approximately at 9:00. If you get their early (they are starting at 6:30),  you can design your own scratch block mold, which will be poured that night. Scratch blocks are sold for $20 cash and will help fund future pours. Check out the Iron Pour Facebook page for more details.

    Additionally, the Boxcar Grocer, who came over and talked with many of us a Capitol View will be there as well.  Check out what products they have.

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