• Education Issues for June 3 – 9, 2012

    Registration for STATE-FUNDED PRE-KINDERGARTEN PROGRAM 2012-2013

    Registration dates and locations for pre-kindergarten Lottery are upon us. Fortunately, all the elementary schools in our (Carver) cluster will be offering Head Start Pre-K programs.  This includes Perkerson, Gideons, and Finch Elementary Schools. Please click here to see the flyer with registration requirements and required documents for eligibility for the pre-kindergarten lottery.

    The dates for registration are as follows:

    Wednesday, June 6, 2012, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Samuel M. Inman Middle School, 774 Virginia Ave., NE, Atlanta 30306

    Saturday, June 9, 2012, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Kennedy Middle School, 225 James P. Brawley Dr., SW, Atlanta 30314

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Kennedy Middle School, 225 James P. Brawley Dr., SW, Atlanta 30314

    Note that the Easter Seals school over in Sylvan Hills also offers Pre-K and early childhood education.  For more information about their programs, contact them at this at their website link http://northgeorgia.easterseals.com/site/PageServer?pagename=GADR01_Sylvan_Hills

    Atlanta Technical College also has a Georgia-certified Pre-K program.  For more information http://www.atlantatech.edu/publicsvcs/childcare-center.php

    Shawn Bender named new principal at Perkerson Elementary

    Shawn Bender was approved by the Atlanta Board of Education to be the next principal at Perkerson Elementary School, starting July 1, 2012. Mr. Bender comes to us from his previous position at Tyler Elementary School in Washington, D.C. where he served as Assistant Principal for the last two years.  In addition to this experience, he previously taught at elementary schools in Atlanta and Brooklyn.  He was a participant in the New Leaders for New Schools, which is a national leadership training program for future urban school principals.   He earned an Ed.S in Administration & Supervision from the University of West Georgia, an M.S. in Early Childhood Education from Brooklyn College, and a B.S. in Behavioral Science & Health Service Management from Mercy College.

    As mentioned above, Mr. Bender is currently the Assistant Principal of Tyler Elementary in Washington, D.C.  Check out the link above to there website.  It looks like there are a lot of interesting things are going on:

    • Spanish Immersion program
    • Arts Integration
    • Strong Special Education program
    • Regular newsletters about what is going on at the school
    • Regular open houses to promote the school to the community and parents who might be considering the school.
    • Special fitness activities like Laps around Lincoln
    • Program promoting healthy school lunches

    Check out all the neat stuff going on there at http://tylerelementary.net/  Lots that can possibly be implemented at Perkerson Elementary.

    Wanda Harmon named interim-principal at Gideons Elementary School

    Wanda Harmon, the former interim-principal of Capitol View Elementary School, was named the interim principal of Gideons Elementary in Adair Park.  Gideons is one of the three Elementary Schools in the Carver Cluster that will feed into Sylvan Middle School.  The other two feeder schools are Perkerson.

    Learn about improving the learning environment and educational outcomes in your child’s school.

    100 Stories ~ Building 100 Solutions for Securing the Education Pipeline for Georgia’s Children is holding a session on Saturday June 16th at the Kroc Center for the community to learn about improving the learning environment and educational outcomes in your child’s school. http://capitolview.org/learn-about-improving-the-learning-environment-and-educational-outcomes-in-your-childs-school/

    Betsy Bockman appointed Principal of Coan Middle School

    Former Inman Middle School principal Betsy Bockman, who was formerly the principal of Inman Middle school before leaving for her current job as interim area superintendent, will be the new principal of Coan Middle School starting July 1, 2012. http://vahi.patch.com/articles/bockman-named-coan-middle-school-principal

    APS Parents’ Farm to School Coalition

    Check out the APS Parents’ Farm to School Coalition Facebook page.  The Farm to School Coalition advocates for comprehensive farm-to-school programs and policies in Atlanta Public Schools. http://www.facebook.com/apsf2s

    KIPP Breaks Ground on their 1st Elementary School, now offers K-12 learning

    KIPP Strive broke ground on their new elementary school on Tuesday morning in SW Atlanta. This will be KIPP’s first elementary school and and will be built next to the site of the current KIPP Strive Middle school. http://cascade.patch.com/articles/video-kipp-breaks-ground-on-their-1st-elementary-school-now-offers-k-12-learning?ncid=newsltuspatc00000001#video-10195151

    No basis for same-sex schooling?

    Here is an interesting article about same-sex schooling.  It is relevant considering charter schools in Atlanta like Wesley International which divide boys and girls in the classroom. Click here to read the article.

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