• Minutes for December 17, 2009

    Capitol View Neighborhood Association

    MEETING MINUTES – December 17, 2009

    The meeting was never called to order, because the association lacked a quorum necessary for voting on officer nominations.

    Approximately 10 people were in attendance.

    Special Guests (Government representatives and candidates for office)

    Sergeant Lester from Zone 3: Officer Bryant has been transferred to Kirkwood, so Lieutenant Deborah Cox from Zone 4 will be taking over his responsibilities. Crime was down in Capitol View, but there are still concerns for police. A pedestrian robbery was reported on Metropolitan, along with four burglaries and a smattering of other crimes in the neighborhood. Five vehicles were stolen, with Dodge being the most popular make for criminals to steal. Some members of the 30 Deep gang were apprehended in Mechanicsville, but the group’s crimes remain a concern because of the potential for copycat crimes. The Sergeant recommended that all neighbors use common sense during the holiday season, especially when placing cardboard boxes in the trash that can suggest what was purchased. People who are going out of town for the holidays can request that patrols keep an eye on their property. For any problems, Sergeant Lester urges people to call the precinct at 404-624-0674 or himself at 678-232-0157.

    Click here for the meeting minutes in MWord format: CVNA Minutes for December 2009

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