• Minutes for February 21, 2008

    Capitol View Neighborhood Association Meeting

    MEETING MINUTES – February 21, 2008


    The meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m. by Vice-President Kim Garcia.

    The January 17, 2008, general meeting minutes were adopted and accepted.

    Meet and Greet – We had 31 people in attendance, which was great since it was pouring rain outside.

    Officer’s Report:

    President’s Report: President Michael Brooks was not in attendance due to illness.

    Vice President’s Report: None

    Secretary’s Report: Lisa Yeiser read the January 17th minutes and they were passed and adopted.

    Treasurer’s Report: Natasha Brash reported our current bank balance, which is approximately $650.00.

    She attended the NPU-X meeting and reported the following discussions: Animal Noise (dog barking problem); the Fire Department was there and reminded everyone to switch out their smoke alarms. They also mentioned that there were a lot of house fires in the area (mainly the mortgage fraud houses). There is mortgage fraud legislation on the docket. Other announcements included the Homestead Exemption was due and that Trash Collection days for our neighborhood have changed.

    Committee Reports:

    (1) Code Enforcement: Peter Kaplan attended the Neighborhood Deputy Training Workshop a couple of weeks ago. He announced that the Code Officers are understaffed and are relying on the communities to help report code violations. Peter requested help from the community to bring problems to his attention, which he will then submit to Code Enforcement. Open/vacant homes are the priority. Illegal dumping (especially vacant lots where people are dumping) and junked vehicles should be reported to Peter. You can submit violations to Peter (what is the violation and where is it located) on the Capitol View Homeowner’s Forum, email him at6 capviewdeputy@hotmail.com, or call him at 404-752-7660 (please be considerate with the time of your call – he has a baby!) We need to hold property owners accountable to minimum standards.

    (2) Public Safety: Charles Pippin reported on our Security Patrol and announced that there will be a Capitol View Security Alliance meeting, open to all members, on Thursday, March 13, 2008, at the Perkerson Park Recreation Center at 7:00 p.m.

    (3) Welcome Wagon: Kevin Novak talked with Leslie at City Hall and reported that they will be providing a “welcoming kit” that includes calendars, etc. He also conveyed that he will be accepting donations from the neighborhood to add to the “kits”. His phone number is 404-539-3334 and his email is novkev24@comcast.net.

    (4) Economic and Community Affairs: There are at least 20% homes vacant in our neighborhood. There are 58 cases of reported mortgage fraud. A few people met with Joyce Sheperd and Enrique regarding the Dill/Sylvan business district. They want a limited number of barber/beauty shops, NO cell phone towers, buildings no more than three stories high. They will draft this to legislation in March.

    (5) Environmental and Beautification: Natasha Brash and Lisa Yeiser head this committee and announced that there will be a neighborhood clean-up this Saturday beginning at 8:30 a.m. and we will meet at the corner of Dill and Sylvan. We will be picking up trash from Avon/Sylvan down to Dill Avenue.

    Donuts and coffee will be served.

    Old Business: None

    New Business/Other: Eva Robinson and her sister are applying for an alcohol license for their facility, Othello Event Hall, located at 1170 Sylvan Road. They have been open for business for about seven months. They feel that they are missing out on business because they cannot legally serve alcohol on the premises for events. They have 4,000 square feet of useable space and can accommodate 250 people. They have 60 parking spaces, 1.4 acres of land, 6,000 square foot building and the property is fenced in.

    We voted on her request for our support for her liquor license. YEA – 22, NAY – 0, ABSTAIN – 0. Passed. We will write a letter of recommendation.

    Tony Moussakhani filled in for John Ritger, to represent the Disc Golf League. They recently held a Disc Golf Tournament at Perkerson Park and donated over $2000.00 to the Sullivan Center, along with over 200 pounds of food. They would like to build a permanent disc golf course at Perkerson Park and requested neighborhood approval. He informed us that it would take approximately $25,000 to build a permanent course and they will assume responsibility for that money. YEA – 20, NAY – 2, ABSTAIN – 2. Passed.

    We will write a letter of recommendation.

    Neighborhood Announcements: Joann Glass, who oversees Perkerson Park, announced that they are planning the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Perkerson Park for March 22nd, from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.They need donations of plastic eggs, money, baskets, canned goods, toys, games, etc. and the deadline for donations is March 15th, 2008. You can call Lynda Williams, Chairperson, for more information at 404-756-1859.

    $100 was donated to Francis on Fairbanks, who suffered a house fire recently.

    Special Guests – City, County, State & Federal Officials:

    Lt. Little and Officer Jetmore were present to give an overview of the crime statistics in our community (Beat 404), Zone 4 and to give a review of the Capitol View Security Alliance.

    Lewis Pittman was in attendance and informed us that he is running for Clerk of Superior Court of Fulton County on July 15th, 2008, in the Democratic Primary. The Clerk is responsible for the records of refinancing homes, property records, land descriptions, and takes care of civil and criminal paperwork for the courts (criminal cases, criminal matters, adoptions, divorces, etc.) He has 15 years’ experience in the criminal justice system and views the biggest problem in the Clerk’s office as lack of training.

    The meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m.

    Click here for the meeting minutes in MWord format: CVNA Minutes for February 2008

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