• Minutes for March 19, 2009

    Capitol View Neighborhood Association
    MEETING MINUTES – March 19, 2009

    The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m.
    24 people were in attendance.
    The February 19, 2009, minutes were read and accepted.

    Officers’ Reports
    President’s Report: Earth Day cleanup is coming up on Saturday, April 18.
    Vice President’s Report: Absent.
    Secretary’s Report: SAT/ACT Prep course is being offered for any interested in taking the test. Disc golf is going on in the park. Anti-tethering ordinance passed and will be enforced in several months, on September 4.
    Treasurer’s Report: Tony Thaxton, Jr. reported that we have $3196.25 in our SunTrust account, $391.12 in our PayPal account, and $2900.00 in dedicated funds. The total of undedicated funds is $687.37.

    Security Alliance update:
    Presentation of how to join the Security Alliance and what it does. Grant applied for, but no word yet on approval. Signs are available for those who wish to join the alliance. Charles is looking to shift responsibility to someone else, if anyone is interested in leading this initiative. Membership is around 60 people, same as it was a year ago.

    Lieutenant Little: Currently working in Zone 5, but has worked with Security Alliance for several months. Working to seek out drug houses and attack this problem. Focusing on visibility rather than arrests, to avoid too much time doing paperwork versus time on the street. Asked neighbors to take precautions against theft for flat-screen televisions. Keep possessions out of sight in your car. Avoid people on the street wearing unseasonably warm clothes, since they may be hiding a gun. If you are a victim of a crime, cooperate, but run afterwards if you have the opportunity, since criminals have been shooting people after crimes. APD is facing recruiting problem, with the possibility of up to 250 officers leaving the department. Contact information for Lt. Little is 404-210-1449.

    Councilwoman Sheperd: Earth Day is coming up. We’ll be celebrating with a tire cleanup and cookout at Perkerson Park. Hoping to focus on Metropolitan Parkway. Please email her office with any locations that are in particular need of attention. City’s fiscal situation is dire, and people need to understand that funding is scarce. City is aggressively pursuing stimulus funding. Joyce is holding town hall meeting on April 2 to discuss upcoming summer and anticipated problems with crime as well as other issues at Atlanta Technical College at 7:00 p.m. After 5 summer program will be open again this summer. Tire Shop at Dill and Metropolitan will be shut down in 30-45 days. Emmanuel Baptist Church is planning a large development on the corner of Dill and Sylvan and is seeking buy-in from the community. A public forum will be held on April 23 for more information. Kim will be meeting with Rev. Crouch.

    Junction Street Properties: Here to discuss development of site at Exide Battery Plant. Hakim Hilliard, lawyer representing the development group, gave a brief history of the site and their hope of moving it forward from zoning for industrial to multi-family housing. JSP hopes to persuade neighborhood to support the project. Project has stalled because of concerns about BeltLine funding. JSP is seeking support for extension of cleanup. Verne pointed out that the community has already voted on this and was opposed to an extension of the cleanup deadline. JSP says they are open to retail or housing.

    Glennis Curry: From Lanzo-Thrasher to discuss sewer repair in neighborhood. He said that every street will be considered for repaving. Some streets will definitely be repaved. Work will likely be done by the middle of May. More information is available on Atlanta watershed’s website.

    Discussion of water meters: Tony asked about new water meters and billing issues, such as bills doubling or rising since the new meters were installed. Many neighbors had significant issues with the new meters and other problems with the agency’s billing. Councilwoman Sheperd urged neighbors to contact her office if they had issues with their bill.

    Discussion of AHA: Concerns mentioned about Section 8 housing and issues with settlement of people in the neighborhood. Housing Choice has an advisory board and is looking for residents to join the board. Neighbors felt this would give our community a bigger role in AHA’s plans for the future. No one volunteered. All agreed that a visit by a representative from AHA would be very welcome, to discuss some of the concerns of neighbors.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

    Click here for the meeting minutes in MWord format: CVNA Minutes for March 2009

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