• Natasha Brash & Chris Meyer

    I love Capitol View (CV) for a number of reasons – close to downtown, beautifully built bungalows with original heart of pine floors, and a neighborhood that is a wonderful mix of race, class, and ages. However – these things are not what initially brought me to CV…

    I took me OVER a year to find my house after I decided I no longer wanted to throw away money on rent. My agent, who was fed up with mortgage fraud in the neighborhood stood by me the whole time. To say the least, we are now good friends.

    I wanted to live in Grant Park, but I could not afford to. So I broke open a map of the city and started checking out all the larger parks. When I came upon Perkerson Park, I wanted to know what the catch was. Perkerson is one of the largest and best maintained parks in the city, yet most people have never even heard of it. I hadn’t. There is a creek, tennis counts, baseball field, football field, track, basketball courts, pavilion, and a great playground. Who knew??!! It was love at first site.

    My agent saw how passionate I was and for awhile I was in and out of every house that was for sell in CV. Finally, he convinced the owner of a vacant house that was for rent to sell me the house. To this day, I’m not exactly sure how he convinced her.

    So that’s me in the yard of the house on Everhart across from the park. Gardening in the city – my dream realized.

    CV is by no means perfect, we have much growing to do. However, CV speaks to people who want to make a difference, who see potential not only in the houses, but in the neighborhood as a whole. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by. You may fall in love too…

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