• CVNA Monthly Meeting Minutes for July

    CVNA July Monthly Meeting
    July 19th, 2012
    Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm
    About 15 people in attendance
    Last month’s minutes accepted

    President’s Report (Paul)

    Vice President’s Report (Olivia) None

    Secretary’s Report (Denise)
    Please remember to sign-in for CVNA and Perkerson Rec Center
    Nicky’s Seafood will be sponsoring a fundraiser for our joint neighborhood cleanup Sunday, August 12th noon to 6pm.

    Treasurer’s Report (Tony)
    revenue: none
    -$16.20 for thank you flowers for Splashpad opening
    balance $2358.47
    dedicated $692.60
    undedicated $1665.87

    Sgt Crowder, APD
    Crime Suppression Unit
    Received crime report
    Larceny and auto theft increase in Sylvan and Dill corridor. Q: Busts on Beatie? Hit 1395 for a second time. First time large dope bust, but second time they  may have known we were coming since they were gone right before we got there. Has been dragging feet on holding owners of drug-selling properties responsible. However, we have been doing our part by passing on the drug forfiet packages to the city. Q: There is a drug house near Genessee and Desoto as I noticed many, many cars going in and out. A: Please describe the house and give us the address, will look into it.
    Q: Do you patrol after 1am? Foot traffic has been bad on Dill after 1am. A: We patrol until midnight then another patrol takes over. I will communicate that so that policeman can ride up and down the street. Q: There is a house on Erin and there is a house on Graham. A: Send me an e-mail if you think there is a problem with a drug house. We will surveil it.

    Sgt Donaldson
    Be aware of snatch and grab with electronic equipment by youths. If you see the sale of phones, please report it. “See Something Say Something” If you see something that makes you uncomfortable, please say something.

    CVSA (Paul)
    Have been out talking to neighbors and trying to increase membership
    Exploring a reduced rate for seniors
    12 to 16 active members. Need more members so we can get more patrol hours. The patrol is doing a great job of chasing down problems and reporting them.

    NPU-X representative (Steve)
    smart911.com sign up so they know if you have special needs, pets, elderly, etc. TSPLOST, transformmetroatlanta.com. Murphy Triangle Zone change was approved but there are conditions that must be presented. Voted to approve Atlanta Metro college to take over CVE building. Community block grants (information can be found on website). How will budget cuts effect NPU-X students? Information can be found on website. Community grant proposals: tire dumping surveillance, Dill/Sylvan commercial area improvements, Perkerson Park improvements.

    Education Committee (Paul)
    July 28th 2 to 4 pm Popsicles in the Park in Perkerson Park- trying to get people out in the community interacting. Perkerson Elementary’s new principal will be there to meet and greet and Boxcar Grocer will be present as well.

    FOPP (Olivia)
    Next meeting August 7th First Tuesdya of every month 7pm. Date will be finalized by next meeting. Looking at late March. Q: What is Percolate in the Park? A: Meet at playground at 10am in Perkerson park as a chance to socialize and meet your neighbors. Usually lasts for two hours.

    Alphonzo Cross
    Boxcar Grocer
    Boxcar Grocer is an urban natural food store specializing in retailing healthy and local food products in urban environments. Trying to address food desert concerns, a lot of communities do not have access to good food. Current store is in Castleberry Hill at 249 Peter St. Have a Kickstarter campaign to make store improvements. If raise more money, will open as second store. CV/Sylvan Hills is one of the possible neighborhoods to open another store in. Q: square footage needs? A: Current size is 3000. second store is 1000 to 1500.

    Rep. Ralph Long
    Rep Long ask to pressure city of Atlanta officials to tear down delapidated structures to reduce crime. Encourage us to attend other neihgborhood meetings to glean their skill sets. Rep. Long supports the TSPLOST. Our community is close to the Beltline and we get some of the projects in 10 years instead of 20 years. Vote on the 31st.

    Meeting adjourned 8:11 pm

    Click here to download July CVNA Meeting Minutes

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