• CVNA Meeting Minutes for September 2012

    CVNA August Monthly Meeting
    September 20th 2012
    Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm
    About 25 people in attendance
    Last month’s minutes accepted
    (Meeting outside due to Perkerson Rec locked)

    President’s Report (Paul)
    Several announcements for the community please see the agenda for details.
    Great things going on at Perkerson Elementary. Paul is starting a school garden.

    Vice President’s Report (Olivia) absent

    Secretary’s Report (Denise)
    Please remember to sign-in for CVNA and Perkerson Rec Center
    Save the date upcoming for the October 13th cleanup and possible cleanup fundraiser first week of October.

    Treasurer’s Report (Tony)
    revenue: $350.00
    expenses: $443.00
    net change -$93.00
    Fidelity balance $1989.55
    PayPal balance $426.92
    Total Accounts:$2416.47
    Undedicated $1693.87

    Claire Farley
    Zone 3 Communtiy Prosecutor

    Adverse Possession – showing people how to file a writ of adverse posssion even though he didn’t have legal standing to do so (see flier). Suggest that we try to get these people involved in community groups. If you see someone doing this call APD 911 and have them refer you to APD Fraud or call Claire.

    Sgt Crowder

    Crime Stats made available
    Most burgularies along Sylvan and Dill corridor during day and overnight. Have placed patrols to cover these times.Q: Burgulary at 789 Dill is done by someone knbown to the neighborhood who has broken into many homes. Do you know anything about it? No Q: I have received a lot of complaints about juveniles, particularly Beatie and Desoto. We need to find out who these people are. We need adresses so we can work with the police department. Contact Joyce. Drug houses or vacant houses, please let him know. He has an officer who placards properties. Any other concerns e-mail him! Q: Drug transaction noticed, wrote down license plate number. Can anything be done with this? A: Call 911 and let them know taht you saw this. They will try to get out there as fast as they can. Q: I saw two suspicious people with a bag of tools casing a contractor working on a house. Still no one has shown up. A: The key to these calls is to be as honest but as dramatic as possible. If an officer doesn’t come up. Call back and ask them to escalate.
    Q: There was gunfire at a dope house. What can be done? No one was arrested. A: It may have been that there was no consent to enter and search.

    Tommy and Kim Garcia

    Join Capitol View Security Alliance! Pay monthly or quarterly. APD officers patrol the neighborhood. They will accept info even if you aren’t a memeber and can address hot spots. Officer is in a marked car or car with CVSA marked car. Membership is almost to 30. Hitting Beatie and Genessee. Last night patrolled midnight to 4 am and saw lots of prostitustion activity. Don’t assume problems will go away. Let CVSA know where these problems are; SHARE THE INFORMATION. If you call 911 share the information with Paul and he can pass along to Kim to make sure these calls are being dispatched.

    High number of snatch thefts by juveniles in August of Apple products. Cancelling off days for officers to combat this. Still having issues at Oakland.

    Kidd Kong
    My Creative Group

    My Seed and Feed Project want to take over an APS building (CVE) and start an aquaponics project. Benefits our neighborhood by having a market source of fish and produce. Q: What about zoning issues? Q: What percentage of the space will be for manufacturing vs education A:

    Francis Boahene
    Cooking Oil Recycling Business

    Separate oil from water and then ship it out.
    Do you need a special use permit? Yes. We are applying for a special use permit.
    Address is 1313 Sylvan Rd. Q: When do you want NPU to vote A: Vote in November. We will bring other documentation. Q: What is your water discharge, A: We will get a contract with Waste Management. Do you have a retention pond? No. It’s only tanks. Only one truck a day. No in and out. We would like to be big. If we get to big we will have to move to bigger facilities. Q: Will you use the whole space? No. Just a portion. Where the trucks and the dumpster are. We are leasing the property. We do not own it. (made business card available).

    Other issues
    Q:How do we report graffiti? A:There is a number on the website.

    Q: Traffic calming devices on Hartford Ave SW? Speak to Paul after the meeting he can give you information.

    Joyce Sheperd
    Handed out flier for Ft McPherson Open House

    Neighbor Introductions

    Meeting adjourned at 8:17 pm

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