• Minutes for July 16, 2009

    Capitol View Neighborhood Association

    MEETING MINUTES – July 16, 2009

    The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

    Approximately 40 people were in attendance.

    Special Guests (Government representatives and candidates for office)

    APD Zone 3 report from Lt. Bryant: Crime was down 4% for the year, is now down 5%. Property crimes still a problem, although violent crime has been reduced drastically. We’re encouraging people to be vigilant and cautious. Call 911 if you observe anything that is out of the ordinary or suspicious! Burglaries still an issue, but no patterns that would necessitate an increase in patrols. Car thefts are a focus for APD too. Concerns about 911 operations were expressed.

    Glenn Thomas, mayoral candidate: Lives in Zone 3 and grew up there. His background is in non-profit management. Worked as public safety manager for city of Atlanta. Discussed his vision for the city of Atlanta and why he is running for mayor. More information about his positions and concerns at his website: www.glennthomasforchange.com.

    Chauncey Robinson, district 12 city council candidate: Lives on Pryor Road near Lakewood Amphitheater. Worked as an aide with Councilperson Bozeman. Worked as a branch manager for Enterprise Rent-a-car. Also started his own non-profit. Discussed the reason he’s running for city council. Believes serious problems have been here for too long, and he wants to promote change and development in the district.

    New Business

    Anne Chance on the Stewart Avenue Heritage Alliance: Unable to attend but President discussed the project. Ms. Chance will attend the next meeting. She wants to research the heritage of Stewart Avenue (Metropolitan Parkway) and to interview folks who have lived here for a long time. She wants to get oral histories on them. She wants to preserve the past of what the neighborhood once was.

    Johnny Watkins on the history of Capitol View: Gave presentation about CV. He said the CVNA was relaunched back in 1997. Focus was on improving the quality of life in the neighborhood. Johnny said that he sees the strength of the community as being the people who live here. Focus on the past was on beautification of the neighborhood. Old CVNA pushed for plaques on top of signposts and planting of trees. Johnny stressed that the community must take responsibility for itself, rather than depending on the city.

    Friends of Perkerson Park: Kim discussed current project, of working towards improving the park and possibly establishing a 503(b). Information will be forthcoming and will be posted on the website.

    Proposed location for new Stewart-Lakewood Library: Money has been set aside for a new Stewart-Lakewood library. Current discussion of where the library will be placed, and the Achor Center has been proposed. Deadline of July 31 for proposed locations. A motion was made to endorse the proposal of placing the library at the Achor Center site at Dill and Metropolitan. 14 voted in favor of endorsing the location, 2 opposed the motion, 13 abstained. Laurel from Friends of Stewart-Lakewood Library presented the history of the push for a new library.

    Old Business

    Junction Street Properties: Hakim Hilliard was in attendance on behalf of the company that owns the old Exide Battery Factory. Hakim gave a brief history of the project and plans for the site. Explained how market conditions have forced the delay of the redevelopment. Explained how the Georgia EPD requires the property is cleaned up. No answer yet on when the redevelopment might occur. But JSP is still moving forward on required cleanup with EPD. JSP is pursuing other funding opportunities beyond BeltLine funds that may or may not be available.

    Anti-tethering ordinance: Beginning September 4, it will be illegal to chain dogs up on your property. City and neighborhood is pushing a community education project, so this won’t be a surprise for those dog owners who do chain up their animals.

    Officers’ Reports

    President’s Report: No report

    Vice President’s Report: No report.

    Secretary’s Report: A vote was taken to waive the reading of the minutes and to enter them into the record. The June minutes were read and accepted.

    Treasurer’s Report: Tony Thaxton, Jr. read his report. June income was $360 and expenses were none. We have $2276.80 in our SunTrust account, $491.57 in our PayPal account, and $1504.62 in dedicated funds. The total of undedicated funds is $1263.75.

    Neighborhood Announcements

    Troy Bronsink: Troy and Johnny are trying to involve people in a project to adopt portions of Dill Avenue S.W. and clean up that thoroughfare. They have a sign-up sheet and are asking people to adopt sections of Dill. Contact either of them to discuss this.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m.

    Click here for the meeting minutes in MWord format: CVNA Minutes_7-16_2009

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