• Minutes for July 17, 2008

    Capitol View Neighborhood Association Meeting

    MEETING MINUTES – July 17, 2008

    The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by President Michael Brooks.

    Meet and Greet – We had approximately 40 people in attendance.

    The June 19th, 2008, general meeting minutes were read. accepted and adopted.

    President’s Report: Michael Brooks discussed the Project Turn Around.

    Vice President’s Report: Kim Garcia reported that there will be an upcoming workshop regarding the future development on University Avenue. The Annie Casey foundation will be developing the property near Metropolitan and University.

    Kim attended the Public Safety meeting last month. Someone on Dill /Hartford was shot and killed. There is a Male/Female team robbing people on Cleveland Avenue.

    Secretary’s Report: Lisa reported on the #1 burglar in Zone 4 (as reported by the Atlanta Police) and this criminal is a teenager. A mugshot with information regarding the teen was shown to the group present. Lisa also reported that Christie Welch had prepared an “important phone numbers” list which was available for download on our Capitol View website, as well as printed copies available at the meeting.

    Treasurer’s Report: Natasha reported bank balance- Suntrust. account = $380.81 and our PayPal account = $290.67 for a total of $671.48. She also reported on Upcoming Events.

    Natasha suggested that our association should donate $200 cash to CAMP for the upcoming National Night Out Against Crime, which will be held at Perkerson Park. The Motion was made and seconded. 16 yays. 12 nays. 2 abstain.

    Committee Reports:

    (1) Code Enforcement: Peter Kaplan capviewdeputy@hotmail.com 404-752-7660 wants us to generate more volume in reporting Code Violations. Peter wanted to find out who had called Code Enforcement over the past month (many people raised their hands). Be Proactive and FOLLOW-UP! Get the officer’s name. The Deputy training

    Is Saturday, August 2nd, from 9 am to 2 pm. The class is free, but you must register by July 25th.

    Local officer is Shenetha Smith and her supervisor is Ron Marshall.

    From the NPUX meeting, Lt. Cox , dcox@atlantaga.gov , said that CHICO’s had contacted her requesting information about hiring private police.

    The City is demolishing 4 housing projects, so their will be families moving into our neighborhood. keith.mortan @Atlanta housing.org

    (2) Public Safety: Charles Pippin, president of CVSA, reported that the Alliance has over 70 members now. We need to get our collections up. Good News: Sylvan Hills wants to start a subsidiary alliance (separate account)

    New signs have been ordered and will arrive soon. Officers have been concentrating heavily around Dill Avenue and Chico’s. 848 Deckner Avenue is a problem house occupied by a lot of kids that wear the red bandanas; possibly indicative of gang-relation.

    (3) Welcome Wagon: None

    (4) Economic and Community Affairs: None

    (5) Environmental and Beautification: None

    Old Business: None

    New Business/Other: It was suggested that we send a card to the police officers that were shot recently near Lee and Campbellton Road.

    Andrea Jones from 1398 Metopolitan Parkway, requested our approval for her to rezone from R-4 to C-1. (Across the street from Church’s Chicken). She has been a Master Cosmetologist for 14 years. Motion moved to support. Seconded. A Letter of recommendation will be written.

    Jim Ashenfelter, is a real estate investor and is interested in investing in the Capitol View Community.

    Neighborhood Announcements:

    Special Guests –Tony Thaxton, Jr. talked about National Night Out, which will be held on August 5th, 2008 at Perkerson Park. Peter and Tony have talked about marching around the neighborhood ( Athens to Metropolitan to Dill to Sylvan). We want to show Unity and Strength in the community. He wanted to kow how many are interested in participating in the march.

    Richard Prillman, volunteer coordinator at CAMP, had flyers along with a wish-list of contributions for the National Night Out Against Crime, to be held on Tuesday, August 5th from 6 pm to 9 pm. Volunteers will be there around noon prepping. There will be a blood donor drive. They will have food and music, along with a scavenger hunt with prizes and book bags for children. They need help with food contributions. This coming Monday, there will be a meeting at C.A.M.P., located at 943 Dill at 7:00 pm regarding National Night Out.

    Darrel Crawford, owner of 810 Dill Avenue, reported that 810 Dill is a haven for drugs. He took control of the property a week ago. He secured the building two days ago. He is trying to resolve the problem with his property. He said he will be held accountable. His phone number is 404-797-2111.

    (1) subletting aspect. The bottom portion will NOT be subletted. It is a duplex.

    (2) The surveillance cameras have been removed from the exterior of the home.

    Margie Thorpe, a Capitol View resident, has organic blueberries available for sell.

    Anna Cherry thanked everyone for helping out with the multicultural festival and Congressman Lewis sent a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition presented to the Capitol View neighborhood Association in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community.

    Ralph Long thanked everyone for their support in the election last Tuesday. His phone number is 770-616-2130.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:33 p.m.

    Click here for the meeting minutes in MWord format:CVNA Minutes for July 2008

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